What Did I Do Today?
Hi there. We're just a group of friends taking things one step at a time--one goal at a time.
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Day 120-123 (05.31 - 06.03)

40 minute runs for each day!

Day 118 (05.29.2014)

90 minutes of pick-up Ultimate!!  (savage)

Day 116 (05.27.2014)

55 minute run!

It was a VERY good run.  My legs didn’t feel tired at all. :]  Oddly enough all I had that day were donuts, chips, and a Starbucks Frappuccino. haha 

Day 115 (05.26.2014)

20 minute Elliptical
25 minute run

Day 112 (05.23.2014)

40 minute run!

Day 92 (05.13.14)

43 minute run.

Day 91 (05.12.14)

5 sets of bicep curls (25), overhead press (20), tricep chops (20), punch-outs (20).  

No running.

Day 90 (05.11.14)

Rest day.  Happy Mother’s Day. ^-^


Day 89 (05.10.14)

45 minute run.

The run was surprisingly pleasant today.  Since I’ve come back from my hiatus, I have been scared to push myself to run longer and faster.  I was scared it would have been too hard and I was scared of moving out of my comfort zone.  But how would I know how I would have felt if I never gave myself the chance to try it out?  Why should I let my fear hold me back from getting better?  I created my own fear.  I can also destroy it.


Day 88 (05.09.2014)

30 minute run
20 minute ellipitcal

Day 87 (05.08.2014)

40 minute run.

Day 86 (05.07.2014)

35 minute run

Wanted to run yesterday, but didn’t get the chance to. :[

Day 84 (05.05.2014)

30 minute run

4 sets of lunges (20), calf raises (40), squats (20), leg abductions (20).

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

I haven’t ran at all for a long time mostly because I just wasn’t really motivated to do it.  Whenever I did try to run, I’d immediately stopped out of the instant boredom and laziness.  Unfortunately, it looks like I’m back at square one despite my consistent training in Feb. and March.  I’m trying to get myself back into now that I have under 4 months before the big day comes. (Yikes!)  This time around I think I’ll just run for the duration.   I won’t keep track of my distances or my running pace.  (Maybe I was too obsessed with the numbers last time…)  I’m a bit sad about the month long hiatus, but I’m not devastated.  That’s just what happened.  The important thing is that I don’t stop.  As long as I still want to achieve my goal, I think I’ll be okay.  

Sharlin’s Workout 04.24.14

After a LONG hiatus from exercise, I’ve come to realized I have not be able to meet my goals.  Either I have exams, lots of homework, or on my menstrual cycle.  There is not much time left to train for the Color Run, so I was determined to get some exercise in before my class.


And.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the awesome Diana!!  You are one of the most amazing girls I’ve ever met!  Thank you for being patient with me and always supporting me.  Thank you for your unbiased opinions and selflessness.  I am so lucky to have you as my friend. 



Day 65 (04.16.2014)

4 sets of the following:
20 Russian twist with weight
20 leg lifts
20 bridges with weight
20 bicep curls
20 tricep chops


Day 63 (04.14.2014)

4 sets of lunged (20), calf raises (40), and squats (20)